MONDAY - The Bop UV Party feat. Silent Disco

We’re launching Freshers' Week with our legendary club night: The Bop. Our biggest regular on-campus club night moves to Monday for Freshers' Week only. The Bop attracts up to 1000 students every Friday night during term time – so what better way to kick start Freshers’ Week?

RSU resident DJs play classic party anthems and current floor fillers in the main room while the second room sees a mixture of indie anthems and pop rock! The best of both worlds.

Silent Social make their return to The Bop UV Party to add another element to night one of your Freshers’ Week. Everyone loves a Silent Disco.

All Freshers' Pass holders will be given a free t-shirt to wear on this night, so bring a Sharpie and get scribbling over your free white tee to help with the meet and greets on the first night of Freshers' Week.

TUESDAY - Love London

Love London is back! Last year, we created the very first Love London event, where we got you all out to central London exploring the very best venues our city has to offer. 

Well, we’re doing exactly that again, with two venues and activities for this year’s Love London event. 

Puttshack, situated in White City, is the first of those venues; London’s newest mini-golf hotspot. They use patented technology to catapult the traditional game of mini-golf into a cutting edge phenomenon. Excuse the pun, but we think we’ve got a hole in one with this one! 

The second event is one that was so successful and popular last year that we just had to get them back! Hip Hop Blingo! Those of you who went last year all LOVED this one and had an absolute riot with their RnB tunes and their wacky bingo games, winning hilarious prizes like a Kanye West toilet seat. It’s going to be great yet again.


This is the launch of our monthly club night at the London landmark that is The Clapham Grand. 

Massive tunes all-night-long! Cheap drinks! 1100 revellers! This all makes for the ultimate student night and will be one to remember. 

For a sneak preview of The Clapham Grand, take a look here: The Clapham Grand

Free buses will take you to and from the venue to make the night a whole lot easier and a whole lot safer for you. 

(2nd and 3rd years you will be at an alternative venue.)

THURSDAY - Thorpe Park Exclusive

Put quite simply, it’s now a Roehampton tradition to hire out the entirety of Thorpe Park to make for an evening exclusive to Roehampton students. It’s our five year anniversary of the theme park take over and it’s loved even more now than it was in year one!

Make the most of all major attractions including Saw, Stealth and Nemesis Inferno. A selection of smaller attractions and catering facilities will also be open on the night to keep all Roehampton thrill seekers well entertained. 

We will provide transport to and from the park for all Freshers' Pass and ticket holders.

There will be a meeting area for all students to grab a drink and await the opening of the doors to roam free throughout Thorpe Park for three adrenaline-filled hours.  Rides will close at 9:30pm. Anyone queuingfor a ride at this time WILL be able to complete their ride before the gates close once and for all. Buses will then be on hand to get you all back to campus.

FRIDAY - Freshers' Fair

Friday of Freshers’ Week plays host to Freshers’ Fair (11am – 3pm). This is free and open to all, regardless of whether you have a Freshers’ wristband or not. This is a perfect opportunity to round-off a busy few days and check out what student societies, sport clubs, and volunteering opportunities are on offer at Roehampton. The Fair is followed in the evening by a Karaoke night in the Union bar where you can grab food, drink and enjoy the entertainment til midnight – all ahead of Saturday’s Freshers’ Week conclusion with Freshers’ Fest.

SATURDAY - Freshers' Fest

The big one. The send off. The finale. Freshers’ Fest will indeed be a worthy send off to what will have been one of the best weeks of your life. Freshers’ Fest was first introduced to our Freshers’ schedule in 2015 and has since proven a huge success. In fact, it’s been so successful, that we’ve made it the grande finale.

This year, we will be transforming the venues by theming each area of the event (Monte Hall, the Union bar, the Courtyard and the Freshers’ Marquee). We will be teasing you with further information as we get closer to Freshers’ Week but we can tell you that it’s another event not to be missed.

Freshers’ Fest is the biggest event of the week and brings Freshers’ 2018 to a close. There will be very few tickets available to those that do not buy the wristband, so the best way to not miss out is to buy your wristband pronto!

SUNDAY - Music Quizz

The Sunday of Freshers’ Week is going to be a day of recovery for most – it will have been a long, amazing week. 

You’re just going to want to relax and have fun with friends, right? Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Head down to the Union in the evening for the very first of our weekly pub quizzes! This is the ideal way to just get out for the day, relax and unwind before your first Monday at University, and to chill and have a laugh with friends. 

For this special edition quiz, Sounds Familiar Music Quiz are taking over the Union! This really is the ultimate music quiz and is an absolute blast to take part in - they aren’t here often, so grab the chance to get involved with one of the best pub quizzes in the country!

OVER 18s ONLY! Freshers' wristbands are exclusive to students starting at Roehampton in September. Any 2nd or 3rd year student who has purchased a pass online will not be permitted entry to any Freshers' Week event and will not receive a refund (as stated on all ticket information).

The Freshers' wristband (aka the ‘Freshers’ Pass’) is the one and only pass that gives you entry to all six RSU Freshers' Week events. The wristband can be purchased in advance and all incoming first year students are eligible to buy a Freshers' pass – we really do encourage you to do so!

The passes are issued on a first come first served basis as they are limited in number, so please ensure you secure yours as soon as possible. For those of you who do purchase a pass in advance, you will be able to pick this up when you arrive from Sunday 16th September. Please bring your receipt of purchase, photo ID and your acceptance letter from the University of Roehampton to collect your Freshers' Pass. 

We will of course email full instructions, terms and conditions, and collection points for the Freshers' Pass to all those that purchase one. Please Note: All pass holders will be emailed with all information once online sales close. This will be when we are sold out.

Buy Tickets

Advantages of getting a Freshers' Pass

- Guaranteed entry to all six Freshers' Week wristband events (Monday 17th - Saturday 22nd)!
- Free t-shirt for Monday night's event: The Bop - UV Party Feat. Silent Social!
- Priority entry to our exclusive take-over of Thorpe Park!
- Priority entry to our exclusive 'Love London' events. This includes exciting venue take-over! 
- No need for ticket queuing!   
- The best opportunity to meet over 1400 other students!

Exclusive Roehampton-Only event schedule. We only allow our students into our events, in order to ensure a safe and welcoming experience for you all!

From 1:30pm on Tuesday 18th September, any remaining Freshers' Passes will go on general sale to all University of Roehampton Students.

Further information If you have any queries regarding a Freshers' Pass, please contact RSU on 0208 3923221 or email


PLEASE NOTE: ONLY the Freshers’ Pass will be on sale online - individual tickets will NOT be on sale online. Tickets will only be on sale during Freshers' Week in the Freshers’ Village Marquee situated on Froebel Lawn (from 1:30pm Tuesday 18th).  Tickets will be sold based on the capacity of each individual event. If all Freshers’ Passes sell out in advance, we will NOT be able to sell any individual tickets. All Freshers' Passes MUST be collected before 6pm Monday 17th September.

Sunday 16th - Freshers' Pass collection available to all who have purchased one. For students living on campus, passes will be available to collect from Freshers’ Village (Froebel College) & Whitelands College.

Students living off campus should collect their pass from Freshers’ Village. 

Monday 17th - Passes still to be collected will be made available from the Freshers’ Village Marquee from 1pm – 6pm.

Any unsold Freshers’ Passes will be made available to all Roehampton students as well as a very limited selection of tickets for individual events.

Historically, we have always sold out of the Freshers’ Pass in advance of Freshers’ Week so we strongly encourage everyone to buy as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

For further information please contact Roehampton Students' Union on 0208 392 3221 or at PLEASE NOTE: Be advised that our Freshers' Passes will NOT be on sale through any third party. To purchase your Freshers' Pass wristband you must do so through the correct pages on


Get a Freshers' Pass

With guaranteed entry into ALL Freshers’ Week events, where you’ll meet a load of new friends, the Freshers’ Pass is a must. Plus, you won't have to queue to buy tickets to individual events, you can attend exclusive Freshers’ Pass-only events and, at most events, Freshers’ Pass holders will receive priority entry.

Invest in Your Subject Books

It’s probably best we nail this one down before all the fun stuff!! At the end of the day, you’re spending loads of money on your degree so make sure you start off with flying colours and invest in the books. In fact, it should be your absolute first priority if you’re getting a student loan through. If you go to your subject briefings during Freshers’ week, they’ll fill you in with what you need to buy.

Dig Out the Wacky Outfits

Unearth that Superman t-shirt or Wonder Woman outfit from the attic and give it a new home in the form of a dressing up box! Fancy dress is a popular night out at Roehampton, so bring as much as you can carry!

Get Networking

Remember things like your passport, driving license, other forms of ID and important documents or letters that you may need for registration. It’s possible you’ll start job-hunting soon, so you may need your National Insurance, too. Better to be safe than sorry!

Get Domestically Wise

Learn how to use a washing machine, a cooker, a hoover etc before arrival! Practice making some meals that you can afford on a student budget and cook without any hassle!

Get Financially Wise, Too!

Be sure to open a student bank account and confirm that your student loan is sorted before registration. Make sure your loan will cover accommodation and, if you plan to live off campus, try to contact University of Roehampton accommodation ASAP!

Make Your Own Checklist – But Not Too Big

Each student is unique, so along with this handy list that we’ve made you, make one specific to you. It makes packing a great deal easier! Remember to pack light, though. You don’t want to be unpacking for hours during Freshers Week.

It Seems Long But it's Very Useful

Ensure you’ve read all the paper work, contracts etc before joining us! You don’t want to be out of the loop when you get here. Make sure you know where you’re going! Check out the University of Roehampton website.



What events does the Freshers' Pass allow entry to?

In short: all! There are six events, one each night from Monday 17th September to Saturday 22nd September and the Freshers' Pass will grant you entry to all of these events at no extra cost. Freshers'

I'm a Flat Rep, can I buy a Freshers' Pass?


Flat Reps will be able to buy or collect their pass in person – dependant on whether or not the College are buying them in advance for their Flat Reps (your College Reps and staff will be able to confirm this). Purchases and collections will be available after the final day of Flat Rep training.

I'm a second/third year student, what events can I attend? 

The Refreshers’ Wristband is for you! Although limited in availability, the wristband will give you access to six back-to-back events, so you can relive Freshers’ Week all over again! Love London, Thorpe Park and Freshers’ Fest and will all be included in this package – giving you the chance to meet our new students, too.

This wristband replaces the old format of selling individual tickets to each event and works out at much better value. There will be NO individual tickets available once all Freshers’ Passes (1st years) and Refreshers’ Wristbands (2nd/3rd years) are sold out.

When and where do I collect my Freshers' Pass?

Once we have a record of all incoming students that have purchased the pass, we will send an email informing you of when and where to collect the pass. You will receive this email before arrival on Sunday September 16th. Please make sure the email address you provide on registration when purchasing the pass is an email account you regularly check. 

We realise there is a whole heap of things to remember when arriving on your very first day there is no need to stress. There will be a team of Student Union officers and staff on hand to help you as soon as you arrive.

I'll be arriving on Monday 17th, not Sunday 16th, can I still collect my pass? 

Not a problem at all! In fact, it doesn't matter when you arrive as long as you've purchased the pass in advance. We will have this on hold for you until you arrive at Roehampton. Unfortunately, we can't reserve unsold passes, so if you know you're arriving later in the week but still want a pass make sure you get yourself sorted in advance. You MUST collect the Pass before 5pm, Passes are not available for collection on the door of the event.